24 Piraso


A seafood restaurant that offers a generous helping of seafood in savory sauces. The lunch menu is extensive with a variety of choicest selections of seafood cooked in an innovative style.

Their 24 Piraso Original has a delicious mix of 24 pieces of blue crabs, shrimps, mussels, squid rings rings and sweet corns that is good enough for two to three people.  The resulting experience is as good as you would get at a fast food joint.

Their Special dishes including the Blue Crab Pot and Mussels Pot, which allows you your choice of sauces including Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce, Coconut sauce, Curry Sauce or Lemon butter sauce. These add a beautifully balanced and tangy dressing to your seafood.

Starters are available at remarkable value, and addictively tasty with options such as Cheese Garlic Mussels, and Bang Bang Shrimp.

Popular dish: 24 Piraso Original

Location: Located at Boulevard Mall, 1st floor, Salmiya. Call: +965 5550 2424