Breakfast Fix


Start your day right with breakfast offerings from Breakfast Fix. Feast on tasty mini buns and wraps, pancakes and the fix combos that include Partner Fix with two mini buns or wraps, 2 additions and one pancake fix.

There is also the Trio Fix and the Group Fix for a larger crowd. Or, you can choose to build your own Fix from a large selection of ingredients, such as the Beef Bacon Fix and the Turkey Fix, while vegetarians can pick from the meatless offerings such as Halloumi Fix, Spinach Mushroom Fix or the Cheese and Eggs.

You will find their Pancake Fix, especially their Dream Fix — signature homemade pancakes drizzling with lotus spread and served with maple syrup or honey — a true delight. Quench your thirst with their Fuel Fix, a lemonade with mint concoction is very refreshing.

Popular dish: The Turkey Fix

Location: Junkyard in Al Hamra Luxury Center. Call: 1800 050