Choco Queen

This concept outlet features a range of quality desserts in elegant presentations, reflecting the elegance and glamor of the Queen. In the mood for waffles or pancakes, savor the incredible sweetness of the Sniper pancake, Pistachio Pancake or the richest Kinder Pancake doused in chocolate goodness.

Their other taste-stirring desserts include the most enamoring the Ferrero Roche Pain Perdu, and Lotus Humble with the Lotus biscuit cream providing all the flavor. Their Kinder Cookie Cup is bursting with all kinds of delicious fillings of tantalizing Kinder bits, fresh fruit and marshmallows.

Enjoy their flavorful cookie options such as the Biscoff Cookie Skillet where the cookie and chocolate blend so well, similarly for the Biscoff Lotus cream. The best and most mouthwatering, however, is The Gong, which is comprised of a giant chocolate egg overflowing with a Lotus sundae. It is artfully accompanied by a chocolate pudding, a crepe fettuccini, fruit skewers and chocolate donut holes. Go a little light with The Queen’s Crown, which is exuberantly chocolaty-tasty.

Popular dish: The Gong

Location: Located at The Gate Mall. Call: 2205 6372