Electricity minister urges rationalizing water, energy consumption

Minister of Oil, and Minister of Water and Electricity Khaled Al-Fadhel

Minister of Oil, and Minister of Water and Electricity Khaled Al-Fadhel stressed on Thursday the necessity of overcoming water sector challenges, mainly growing consumption rates, through rationalizing the consumption of energy and water.

Al-Fadhel made the statement during the Electricity and Water Ministry’s ceremony marking World Water Day at Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center, in the presence of some senior officials at the ministry and a number of representatives from government and private bodies. The ministry sought to face ongoing challenges through using modernized and developed techniques in water storage treatment, he added.

This contributed to reducing water waste from 12 to 6 percent and raising revenues of sales of freshwater to 38 percent over the last years, he stated. Effective and serious plans have been set to develop water management in order to cope with Kuwait’s 2035 vision, Al-Fadhel said. These plans have contributed to the growth and development of the country’s housing and service projects, the minister revealed.

Demand for water in 2035 is expected to reach 840 million imperial gallons per day, he indicated. He noted that the ministry is preparing for this through setting future plans and projects so as to meet needs of the state to produce one billion imperial gallons per day by 2035. Among these projects are Doha power plant with its two phases and norther Al-Zour power plant with its two phases as well, he explained.