ICSK makes charitable donation to the deserving

For the past five years, the Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) – Senior has exhibited its humane interest in helping those in need by providing monetary help to numerous patients, thereby inculcating and instilling in the young and fresh minds, the value of a humanitarian mindset.

On 7 February, through a special and somber assembly, the Indian Community School Kuwait (Senior) once more opened its arms to a lady, who was in dire need of help.

Cancer, a curable yet painful and harrowing disease, has caused immense distress to many unfortunate people. Suraiya Banu Saed Ahmed is one of them. Despite efforts to fight cervix cancer, the treatment of which had been partly aided by ICSK two years back, it has grown more serious, reaching stage 3, accompanied by various other health issues. She has gone through various levels of treatment including chemotherapy and chemo radiology.

She approached the ICSK once again seeking help and moved by her deteriorating health condition, ICSK decided to collect money exclusively to help her by opening a green box in which every member of the institution is welcome to bestow monetary aid, voluntarily.

The box would remain approachable to everyone in the school premises till 12 February for everyone to get a chance to provide a little help for the noble cause. Initiated by Dr. V Binumon, Principal and Senior Administrator, the faculty members and students wholeheartedly took part in the assembly that witnessed the moving gesture of compassion towards helping a fellow human.

Dr. V. Binumon, reminded the students that charity is an inevitable part of life and it moulds a human being to be a better person. He stressed the importance of empathy and compassion to make the world a better place to live.

Oscar Wilde once rightfully said, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”. It is with this ideology in mind that ICSK strives to provide humane and responsible citizens to the world by teaching its pupils the value of philanthropy.