Justice Minister stresses Kuwait’s respect to international humanitarian law

Chairman of the Court of Appeals Justice Mohammad bin Naji speech at the International Humanitarian Law Conference

Kuwait’s Justice Minister Dr. Fahad Al-Afasi said on Tuesday that Kuwait respects and abides by the international humanitarian law under all circumstances. This came in Al-Afasi’s speech, which was delivered on behalf of him by chairman of the Court of Appeals Justice Mohammad bin Naji, at the International Humanitarian Law Conference, held in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), under the slogan ‘International Humanitarian Law Between Reality and Hope’.

He added that Islam is a religion that aims to ascertain, uplift and sustain the honor and dignity of human, in peace and war, and clearly rejects violence, extremism and terrorism. He stressed that it is a priority of the ICRC to follow up the implementation of international humanitarian law, pointing out the great efforts made by ICRC to achieve its goals.

He said that some Arab countries had adopted the ICRC’s activities and mechanisms of the dissemination of international humanitarian law, which greatly helped to improve its application. He noted the establishment of a regional center for the training of judges and prosecutors in the field of international humanitarian law at the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies.

For his part, the director of the Institute counselor Awaid Al-Thuwaimer stressed the importance of strengthening the rules guaranteeing the protection of human dignity in times of armed conflict. He pointed out the Institute’s interest in launching training courses and programs on the rules of international humanitarian law and the role of the national judge in its application.

For his part, Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) delegation Yahya Alibi, said in a similar speech that this conference is held every two years and gathered a number of judges in order to prepare highly qualified judges. He added that the (ICRC) will continue its efforts to support counties with regard to their specialized legal skills in international humanitarian law, pointing out that this conference is a practical translation of the ICRC and governments efforts, particularly the Government of Kuwait, to disseminate and apply the international humanitarian law.