Kuwaiti passenger wins KD 4,000 compensation from a local airline

The Commercial Court ordered a local airline company to pay compensation worth KD4,000 to a Kuwaiti citizen for the damages he sustained as a result of the cancellation of his return flight to Kuwait from Istanbul last summer.

Representing the citizen was Lawyer Ali Al-Ali who explained that his client arrived at the Istanbul airport to realize his flight was cancelled. He ended up incurring financial damages in order to organize accommodation while waiting for the next flight which was organized by the Embassy of Kuwait in Istanbul. Lawyer Al-Ali insisted that his client deserved moral compensation owing to the suffering he went through before he managed to board another flight, as well as the failure of the airline company to make other arrangements to accommodate his client as per 1999 Montreal Convention, which sets rules of compensation for travel disruptions.

In such failures, the airline is liable for the damages caused by the delay in the transportation of passengers.