Sri Lankan Ambassador celebrates country’s National Day

To commemorate the 71st Anniversary of the Independence of Sri Lanka, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Kuwait H.E Kandeepan Balasubramaniam hosted a reception at the Regency Hotel on 7 February. Kuwaiti Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Fahd Al-Shula was the chief guest on the occasion.

Marking the joyous occasion was a fashion show that highlighted the best of Sri Lankan fashion, in addition to dance performances of traditional folklore by professional artists in an array of colorful costumes.

Addressing the large gathering of diplomats, invited guests and prominent members of the Sri Lankan community Ambassador Bala praised the long standing excellent relations between the two countries. He further applauded the dynamic vision of H H the Amir, who was highly respected as a humanitarian leader of the world who is working tirelessly for peace in the region.

Ambassador also briefed the guests on the bilateral trade between the two countries and the growing preference of Sri Lanka as one of the most preferred tourism destination from Kuwait.

The Independence movement in Sri Lanka started as a peaceful political movement that worked towards achieving independence and self-rule for Ceylon from the British Empire. On 4 February, 1948, Ceylon was granted independence as the Dominion of Ceylon. Dominion status within the British Commonwealth was retained for the next 24 years until 22 May, 1972, when the country became a republic and was henceforth named the Republic of Sri Lanka. The country honors those who played a major role in the Sri Lankan independence struggle as National Heroes.

Sri Lanka is known for its palm-fringed beaches, while its mountainous interior rears up in a jungle hinterland filled with elephants and leopards, rising finally to the cool highlands that grow the country’s famous tea.

Speaking of culture, there are a myriad of temples and sacred relics, religious festivals and extravagant sacraments, at their most spectacular in the holy city of Kandy, home to the Buddha’s tooth.